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  • Car-type trowel machine selection guide
  • Car-type trowel machine selection guide

    Date:2018-06-27 1298
    Look at how to use the trowel.

    1、open the trowel, operating handle
    2、 Clamp the joystick to keep the body in balance
    3、 When the trowel is working, it is necessary to help stabilize the trowel. When working on the floor, it is necessary to adjust the direction in time to prevent the camera from losing control.
    4、rough grinding, then fine grinding. After the rough grinding of the bottom grinding disc, remove the grinding disc when the ground is suitable for fine grinding to make the spatula finely ground.

    Dual-disc 1 meter driving trowel, 1 pedestal trowel is equivalent to the efficiency of 10 strobe trowels, which can be used to lift pulp, compaction, trowel, and light in concrete floors. Mainly for large-scale cement floor and ultra-flat ground construction, compared to the walk-behind trowel construction efficiency and quality significantly improved. The enhanced transmission and clutch greatly increase the reliability of the machine, making it easy and quick to operate. If you want to improve efficiency, it is recommended to use the trowel driver.

    After looking at the method of trowel purchase.

    The trowel is strict with the disk blade. If the blade is flawed, the polished concrete will have a variety of surfaces that do not meet the stropping effect and lose the purpose of polishing. Therefore, we must correctly understand the trowel disk. blade.

    1. First, when selecting the blade, you should pay attention to the blade with higher intensity. Because the material of the blade is thin and soft, it is easy to cause uneven polishing in the stropping process, resulting in poor stropping effect. Select the correct material blade to prevent this circumstance occurs.

    2. In the troweling process, the blade is rubbed by the concrete and the concrete is rubbed. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a wear-resistant blade so as not to withstand the large frictional force and cause the blade to be replaced soon.

    3. In order to ensure the balance of rotation, a similar size trowel disc blade should be selected to ensure stable operation. The trowel disc blade plays an important role in the equipment and is directly related to the stropping effect.

    After rough grinding and fine grinding by the trowel, the ground will be smoother and smoother, not only greatly improving the quality of the ground material (compactness and wear resistance), but also improving the work compared to manual grinding. effectiveness.