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  • Small excavator foundation maintenance project flow and time node
  • Small excavator foundation maintenance project flow and time node

    Date:2018-06-27 1134

    The basic maintenance program for small excavators and the control of time points need to be carried out in the following ways to develop good maintenance practices.

    I. Daily maintenance items (once every day or once per class)
    Daily maintenance projects are mainly viewed, maintained, and lubricated.
    1. Remove dirt and oil from the surfaces of small excavator parts
    2, check the fuselage of the fastening is loose, loose loose pieces
    3. Check whether the fuel, hydraulic oil, brake fluid and water are sufficient, if there is leakage, and add it in time.
    4. Check if the steering device is flexible.
    5. Check if the engine is running abnormally.
    6, check the tire pressure, timely inflation

    7. Check if the pins are flexible and add butter to each butter mouth.

    Second-level maintenance project (once a week)
    Primary maintenance projects are based on lubrication and sturdiness
    1. Complete the daily maintenance project.
    2, check the screw connection, if loose must be tightened.
    3, check the engine, gearbox, drive, the oil surface, when required, add to the required level.
    4. Check to adjust the tightness of the engine belt.
    5, view the pin of each pin, elastic ring, oil cup, elastic pin.
    6. Check the degree of contamination of the engine air filter, remove dust, and check the hose clamps.
    7. Check the free travel of the clutch brake, pedal and steering machine, and adjust if necessary.

    Third, secondary maintenance project (once a month).

    1. Complete the contents of the first-level maintenance project.
    2. Replace the hydraulic oil with a new small excavator and thoroughly clean the hydraulic tank and hydraulic lines. When changing the hydraulic oil, check the hydraulic oil and thoroughly clean the hydraulic tank and hydraulic lines. When replacing the hydraulic oil, check the degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid to determine the filtration and replacement of hydraulic oil. Clean the oil suction and oil return filter.
    3, view the cylinder, replace the worn seal.
    4. Check the degree of wear of the clutch friction plate and brake shoe and other brakes. Replace them with serious wear.
    5. Clean diesel engine oil filter and crankshaft tube, replace oil and oil filter element.
    6, according to the diesel engine instructions to adjust the engine's technical parameters, complete the engine maintenance project.
    7. Replace gearbox gear oil and apply diesel oil thoroughly to clean gearbox before adding new gear oil.
    8. Check to adjust steering wheel toe.

    The good performance of wheeled small excavators depends on good design and production. Regular maintenance projects can make small and small excavators in good condition and play a key role in the performance maintenance of small excavators. Regular maintenance projects can be effective. The prevention of premature damage of parts and components, avoiding the occurrence of unnecessary faults, prolonging the service life of small excavators, and improving the economic efficiency of users.