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  • How to improve the life of small road rollers through maintenance
  • How to improve the life of small road rollers through maintenance

    Date:2018-06-27 1179

    Want to extend the life of small roller, you must learn how to maintain, the machine just like a woman's face, need to be maintained for a long time, so I summarized the following points for everyone to use as a reference, mainly in the hydraulic, gearbox, etc. Focus on the aspects of conservation.

    First, maintenance of hydraulic system of small roller

    Check if the mounting bolts of the filter, valve, motor, oil pump, oil cylinder, etc. are loose and if there is leakage at each joint. Observe the oil level gauge on the side of the tank. When the hydraulic oil is too low, add the same brand of filtered hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil tank should be cleaned and oil changed in half a year. When adding or changing oil, be careful not to mix impurity contaminants into the tank. New oil added or exchanged must be filtered beforehand. Hydraulic oil No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The hydraulic filter should be cleaned or replaced after every 500 hours of use.

    Second, compaction roller transmission maintenance

    The gearbox shall be cleaned at least once every quarter. When cleaning, first stop under the hot state, unscrew the oil drain plug on the side of the gearbox, discharge the oil in the oil tank, screw the oil plug, and pour the kerosene into the box. The diesel engine will run the gearbox at low speed for 2-3 minutes. After parking, let go of kerosene, clean the oil plug and screw it onto the gearbox. (Note: The kerosene must be kept clean so that the lubricant will not mix with the residual kerosene and lose the lubrication effect). Then add new lubricating oil and add it to the mark of oil dipstick. Gearbox No. 20 gear oil. Always check and adjust the positioning mechanism of the shifter and reversing mechanism so that the gears are kept in place to avoid accidents. Always pay attention to checking the leakage of transmission seals. If the seal is damaged, replace it in time. Always check the connection bolts between the gearbox and the frame, tighten it if necessary, and do not loosen it.

    Third, small roller maintenance

    When the battery is used for a long time, such as improper use and improper maintenance, the common electro-hydraulic specific gravity is low, the voltage is extremely high during charging, and the voltage is extremely low during discharge, and white crystal particles are found outside the plate to form the battery's “acid. Salt, so that it can not be applied, is acidified batteries, light can be restored with a small current after 1-2 times after charging. Check the state of charge of the battery pack with an acid pycnometer to see if the battery is fully charged. The specific gravity of the electrolyte should be 1.28 (15oC) when it is fully charged. If the specific gravity drops to 1.2, the battery pack should be borrowed from another source. Charging. Under normal conditions, the generator of the diesel engine is sufficient to fully charge the battery, but in the winter, the battery pack should pay attention to keep it constantly full to avoid freezing. In order to prevent the battery electrode from being hardened and generate sulfuric acid scales, the battery should not exceed 24 hours in the discharged state. If the battery is not used after being fully charged, it should be charged once a week until the battery fully emits air bubbles. The surface of the battery must always be kept clean. If dust or electrolyte flows out, it is best to wipe it with a cloth soaked in ammonium chloride alcohol or 10% ammonium sulfate solution.

    Fourth, main roller main roller maintenance

    In addition to adjusting the operating mechanism of the main clutch at any time, the main clutch should also be inspected and adjusted in such a way that the ends of the three separating rods lie in the same plane and maintain a certain clearance from the separating bearing (0.4-0.7 mm). When the main clutch is engaged and disengaged, it should be smoothly and gently relieved. Do not use excessive force. When the clutch is engaged, the clutch pedal must be returned to the original position to fully engage the clutch. When the clutch is disengaged, the pedal must be stepped to the end to completely disengage the clutch. When turning on, the clutch must be prevented from half-clutching and half-engaging so as not to burn the clutch. Check the main clutch frequently to avoid contamination of the surfaces of the friction plates and pressure plate.

    Fifth, compact roller vibration wheel maintenance

    The vibratory wheel replaces the oil every 1000 hours. Check the vibratory wheel lubricant for leakage at any time. When checking the oil level, turn the oil filling port directly to the top and open the oil discharge port so that the oil leaks out until it leaks or there is little leakage. Replace the vibratory wheel oil during maintenance, and be careful when changing the oil. Lubricants use CD grade 30 diesel engine oil. Lubrication maintenance of the running bearings should be performed after the average compactor is used for 20 days, and a sufficient amount of calcium matrix grease should be filled in the corresponding oil cup position.

    Sixth, compact roller side transmission maintenance

    Due to the low speed, large load, and the risk of dust and silt contamination, side drives should always be checked for lubrication. The mud, sand, and fine-grained dirt on the gears are regularly removed and a new layer of calcium-based lubricant is applied. Grease to avoid damage accidents.

    The above is the focus of this article on the maintenance of small road rollers, we can according to the provisions of regular maintenance, used to ensure that the long-term use of equipment will not be a problem.